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Level 3 Registered Sex Offender Arrested


On 9/18/15, Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office arrested Level 3 Registered Sex Offender, George Shirley, for failing to register his vehicle information.   Pursuant to 12-12-906(L) any registered sex offender must register with the law enforcement agency holding jurisdiction over them the make, model, color, and license tag number for any vehicle that the sex offender owns, operates, or to which he or she has access. In his registered information it is listed that he does not have a vehicle that he owns, operates, or has access to as a registered sex offender.


In August, FCSO learned Shirley did have a vehicle, which had been assessed on his 2015 personal property assessment from Pulaski County. In September, a 911 call was made regarding an altercation between Shirley and a repossession company, Shirley was accused of locking the gate, preventing the subject from the repossession company from leaving the property. Shirley was also investigated for sending harassing and threatening text messages to a victim that he would burn her house down, as well as other messages that made her fear for her and her children’s safety. Warrants were granted, leading to the arrest by FCSO.



  • 12-12-904 Failure to comply with registration and reporting requirements- Refusal to cooperate with assessment process. 12-12-906(L) Vehicle make, model, color, and license tag number that the sex offender owns, operates, or to which he or she has access (Class C Felony)
  • 5-13-301 Terroristic Threatening (Class D Felony)
  • 5-11-104 False imprisonment in the second degree (Class A Misdemeanor)
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