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Internet Crimes Against Children Unit:

The ICAC Unit is staffed by one Investigator

In today’s technological world the Internet has become increasingly important, and while it has enhanced the lives of many, it also has made innocent people (especially children) easy targets for predators. The Internet has become a place where predators can reach innocent children, while reducing many of the risks of getting caught if they were targeting them in person. Every year children are starting to use the Internet and computers at a younger and younger age. Because children are typically naive, trusting, and eager for attention and affection; predators will target them online in order to take advantage of them.

 The Internet Crimes Against Children Section was developed to identify, arrest and prosecute individuals who use the Internet and other online communication systems to sexually exploit children.

Our Internet Crimes Against Children Unit works hard everyday to catch these predators from hurting our children. Here are ways to keep your children safe from internet predators;

1. Never post your personal information, such as a cell phone number, address, or the name of your school.

2. Be aware that information you give out through social networking sites, instant messages, e-mails, and blogs could put you at risk of bullying and other types of victimization.

3. Never meet in person with anyone you first “met” online. Some people may not be who they say they are.

4. Remember that posting information about your friends could put them at risk.

5. Never respond to harassing or rude texts, messages, and e-mails. Delete any unwanted messages or friends who continuously leave inappropriate comments.

6. Never give out your password to anyone other than your parent or guardian.

7. If you wouldn’t say something to another person’s face, don’t post it online!

8. Only add people as friends to your site if you know them in real life.

9. Think before posting your photos. DO NOT post or send semi-nude or nude pictures of yourself or anyone else! Personal photos should not have revealing information such as school names or location.

10. Use the privacy settings of the social networking sites.

In 2013 the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office became a member of the Arkansas Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

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