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 Jail Administrator


Detention Center Phone Numbers

 Unit 1- 501-450-4995  

 Unit 2 - 501-328-4160


Captain Erinn Stone


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Detention Officers are responsible for the care, custody and control of all individuals arrested in Faulkner County. The Faulkner County Detention Center is a full service facility providing nutritious meals prepared onsite by inmates who have been given trustee status or in the 309 program. Trustees also perform many daily tasks under the supervision of Detention Officers including; laundry, cleaning, and minor routine upkeep of the Detention facilities.

The Faulkner County Detention Centers will hold up to 462 detainees and has 87 Detention Officers overseeing the detainees.


Booking: This unit consists of Intake, Identification, Classification, Inmate Supervision, Admit/ Discharge, Property/Discharge, and Property Control Officers. Their primary functions are as follows:

  • Intake: Initiates a booking computer record for individuals brought to the Faulkner County Detention Center Unit Two, either under arrest or committed by a court in Faulkner County.

  • Identification: Takes fingerprints and photo images of all detainees booked at the Faulkner County Detention Center Unit Two, keeps and maintains records of the same.

  • Classification: Does an assessment and Suicide Prevention Screening Form; makes medical and mental health referrals as needed. Initiates appropriate precautions to safeguard detainees, when necessary. Provides and obtains entrance information from each detainee as well as answering any questions they may have.

  • Inmate Supervision: Introduces and explains the concept of direct supervision to all detainees. Observes detainees as they are being processed through booking and tracks their progress.

  • Property: Responsible for securing, storing, and tracking property taken from detainees at the time of booking.

  • Discharge: Conducts the process of discharging detainees out of the Faulkner County Detention Center, which includes returning all property and mailing back the money belonging to them. Collects all property issued to the detainee during their incarceration.

Housing: The Housing Section provides a secure, humane living area for incarcerated persons. This section is responsible for supervising detainee activity, orienting detainees to the operation of a Direct Supervision Facility, and managing detainees in general population, medical, mental, health concerns.

Medical: The Faulkner County Jail has a Physician, and two LPN on staff. Detainees are seen by a physician who approves all treatment and medications to inmates. Inmates may see a physician at his/her request and cost, at the physicians next scheduled visit.

Commissary: Detainees with money in their account may purchase a variety of items (soda, candy, toiletries etc.) from commissary. There are limits on what may be purchased by the detainee.

Phone Calls: Phones are available 8:00 AM till 10:00PM in "day-rooms". All calls are to be collect or from a pre approved account; ALL calls are recorded and subject to monitoring.

Visitation Hours: 

Visitors to the Faulkner County Detention Center are subject to searches and are limited as to what they may bring into the jail. Visitors must provide a valid identification. Persons under 18 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult guardian or parent. NO exceptions! Emergency visits may only be authorized by the Sheriff or Jail Administrator. NO exceptions! There is a 30 minute limit on visitations and you must call 501-327-0383 (Unit 1) or 501-328-9642 (Unit 2), 24 hours in advance to make an appointment.

Effective May 15, 2017, the following changes will be made to the visitation process: 


If a detainee has an in-house visitation, they will not be allowed to have another in-house visitation for 30 days.


While this decision may seem unfair, please understand that there have been multiple complaints by the public that they are unable to get an in-house visitation.  This decision was made simply to afford the fairest process to all parties involved.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Note: this will not affect the remote visitation

Video Visitation:

 Faulkner County Detention Center Unit Two has updated to Video Visitation, with the exception of attorney conferences and other visits that are approved by the jail administrator. 

Participation in video-visitation is a privilege, not a right. Both visitor and detainee are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion at all times during a video visit. Faulkner County reserves the right to deny, cancel or terminate a video visit prior to or during a video session based upon visitor and/or inmate conduct. Faulkner County also reserves the right to restrict visitor(s) from participating in any or all future use of the video system.

Any nudity, tight fitting or provocative clothing are strictly prohibited and will result in having your visitation privileges suspended indefinitely. RECORDINGS and PHOTOGRAPHS of any kind is NOT allowed during visitation, any of these actions may result in your visitation privileges being suspended indefinitely. All use of the video visit system (friends, family, and inmate) is recorded and subject to monitoring by certain Faulkner County Sheriff's Department employees. Your use of the video visitation system constitutes consent to any and all recordings and monitoring.


All visitors must schedule an appointment at least 24 hours in advance and must pay for each scheduled session prior to the visit taking place. All schedule visits are non-refundable. If a face to face visit is requested, it must be approved by the jail administrator 24 hours in advance.

At-Home Visitation Hours Only:

Sunday (Trustees Only) - 11:00a.m.-4:00pm, and 5:00p.m.-10:00pm

Monday- 7:00a.m.-10:00a.m., 11:00a.m.-4:00pm, and 5:00p.m.-10:00pm

Tuesday- 7:00a.m.-10:00a.m., 11:00a.m.-4:00pm, and 5:00p.m.-10:00pm

Wednesday- 7:00a.m.-10:00a.m., 11:00a.m.-4:00pm, and 5:00p.m.-10:00pm

Thursday- 7:00a.m.-10:00a.m., 11:00a.m.-4:00pm, and 5:00p.m.-10:00pm

Friday- 7:00a.m.-10:00a.m., 11:00a.m.-4:00pm, and 5:00p.m.-10:00pm

Video Visitation Hours Only

Tuesday and Thursday- 3:00p.m.-3:30p.m., and 8:00p.m.-8:30p.m.                






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