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New Recruits Participate in Traffic Stop & Diversity Training


The Faulkner County Sheriff's Office New Recruit Training Program spent the morning learning how to conduct traffic stops. As traffic stops are one of the most unknown and potentially dangerous situations law enforcement officers engage in, it is important to spend time with new recruits discussing proper protocols and officer safety. Recruits also practiced a variety of scenarios officers may expect to encounter during a traffic stop. After each scenario, recruits were debriefed on what occurred during the stop, what behaviors the recruit did well, and what behaviors the recruit should improve on. Recruits were provided time to ask questions and engage in dialogue following each simulation.

After lunch, the recruits went back to the classroom to spend the afternoon learning about diversity. Under the excellent leadership of Sheriff Ryals, diversity and inclusion are an essential part of the Sheriff's Office philosophy. Deputies are expected to treat everyone they encounter with dignity and respect. Sheriff Ryals is committed to ensuring these new recruits are well-rounded and prepared for both the academy and their future law enforcement careers. As part of that preparation, recruits are learning about different cultures and different languages to better prepare them to be able to assist the diverse population of individuals who may need assistance.

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