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Vehicle Pursuit Ends in Arrest of Subject Wanted in Colorado


On Wednesday, July 14, 2021, Faulkner County Sheriff's Deputies were patrolling Highway 286 when they observed a blue car enter the eastbound traffic lane traveling westbound. When deputies attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver, later identified as Jerimy Gadberry, did not slow down or stop. Mr. Gadberry continued westbound for several miles and used the oncoming traffic lane to pass several other vehicles. Several vehicles were forced to move over in an effort to avoid being struck by Mr. Gadberry.  Mr. Gadberry continued at speeds between 85-90mph. Once Mr. Gadberry approached Skunk Hollow Rd., he locked up his brakes in an attempt to get deputies to collide with him. He then increased speed at the intersection of Highway 286. He continued traveling at high speeds through three parking lots of local businesses with workers present, swerved to avoid a light pole, and continued southbound down Drillers Dr., jumping Highway 286 without slowing or checking for traffic.  Deputies caught back up with Mr. Gadberry at Caney Creek Rd and Amity Rd, where he blew through a stop sign and wrecked his vehicle while attempting to turn onto Betty Lane. Mr. Gadberry crawled over his passenger and attempted to exit the passenger side window. Deputies successfully took Mr. Gadberry into custody at this time, but he began banging his head on the window of the patrol vehicle. After being cleared by medical personnel, he was transported to Faulkner County Detention Center Unit 2. He remains housed with no bond on felony charges of Fleeing and Aggravated Assault, additional misdemeanor charges, and an Extradition Hold from Colorado.


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