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Detention Center Unit 2 Escapee Apprehension


On July 4, 2021 at approximately 5:50pm, Faulkner County Sheriff's Deputies were notified of the escape of Dystiny Diamond from Faulkner County Detention Center Unit 2. Over time, Ms. Diamond had manipulated old chain link fencing welds in the exercise yard. She removed her clothing and was able to fit her small frame through the fence. Once out, she stole a nearby parked truck with trailer attached. She then forcibly rammed the vehicle through the gate to get onto the roadway. Deputies followed the vehicle toward Harkrider St., north on a local access road, and onto Robins St. The vehicle collided with electrical cables and came to rest. Ms. Diamond exited the vehicle and was captured on foot. Deputies secured medical assistance for Ms. Diamond for injuries sustained during the escape, and she was transported back to Unit 2. As a result of the escape, Ms. Diamond has accrued the following new charges: Second Degree Escape (Class B Felony), Theft of Motor Vehicle- Truck (Class B Felony), Theft of Motor Vehicle- Excavator (Class B Felony), Theft of Property- Trailer (Class C Felony), Criminal Mischief Second Degree for damage to the truck, trailer, and gate (Class D Felony), and Criminal Mischief Second Degree for damage to the power pole and meter (Class A Misdemeanor). The fencing at Faulkner County Detention Center is currently under repair.

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