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Upcoming Changes to Services at the Faulkner County Detention Center


Sheriff Ryals recently made the decision to change the vendor that supply detainee phones, video visitation, and commissary services in order to provide more streamlined services for the detainees, better value for their families, and reduced workload for his staff. The changes will roll out on a staggered basis, and we have worked diligently with the incoming vendors to have minimal service interruptions. The current schedule for changes is as follows:

Week of March 23, 2020
• Detainee phones will now be handled by Correct Solutions Group. Please review the attached flyer for information on how to set up an account with them. There is a kiosk in the lobby of Unit 1 and Unit 2 where funds can be placed on a detainee's account for services.
• Detainee remote visits and messaging will be handled by Tech Friends. To set up remote visit or messaging accounts, please visit
• We are also offering a new service for our detainees - tablets. Tablets will allow detainees to access everything that the kiosk can do, as well as access educational materials, games, and some programming. For more information, or to set up an account, visit

New Phone System Information:
Below is information that will assist you, and your family and friends to stay in contact.
The new phone system will be operational on March 23rd, 2019.
Customer Service will start taking new Pre-Paid accounts (for cell phones, cable and landline phones) effective immediately.
To ensure uninterrupted contact with your friends and family, provide your friends and family the information within this flyer before the above start date to setup prepaid and inmate debit accounts.

The new phone system will allow for prepaid and debit calling (No Collect). Calls will be 20 Minutes.
Pre-Paid Calling dial 0 + area code + number (example: 0 555 555 5555)
Inmate Debit Calling dial 1 + area code + number (example: 1 555 555 5555)
International Calling dial 011 + country code + number (Example: 011 + 52 + 988 999 9999)
Friends and family may place funds several ways on prepaid accounts (cell Phones, cable phones, etc.) or on your debit account by going on-line at , downloading mobile application for IOS and Android, using the kiosk in the lobby of this facility or by calling Customer Service at 877-618-3516.
Inmate Debit Funds can also be purchased by you through the commissary.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - Please provide this information to your family and friends.
If they have a problem or need to set up an account this is who they need to contact.
Regent Customer Care: or call 877-618-3516

Inmate Customer Service: This will connect to the inmate customer service center. They will take complaints on required phone repairs or issues on Prepaid Accounts.

English: Dial 511#
Spanish: Dial 521#

Family and Friends that have a prepaid account balance with the previous phone system provider must contact that provider to receive a refund.
Facility Personnel and Correct Solutions employees do not have access to the information to answer your questions or resolve refund issues with previous phone provider.
If you have unused balance, they must be used before March 23rd, 2020. They cannot be used on the new phone system and any refund will have to come from the previous phone provider.

On Your First Call You Will Register on the Phone System:

1. Dial 0 plus the number you are calling: 0 + Area Code + Number (Example: 0 + 501 999 1234)

2. Select the language preference: 1 for English, 2 for Spanish

3. PIN Process: Your PIN will consist of two parts. You will prompted by the system when to enter
each one. Part 1 is the Jacket Number you are using and part two is a 4 digit security PIN.

Inmate Number + Security PIN
Example: 99999 1234

On your first call your 4 digit security pin will be your two digit Birth Month and Birth Day

You will be prompted to change this 4 digit security code during your first call attempt. To ensure your PIN is secure we highly recommend you do change it when prompted.
Example Birthday Conversion to Security PIN:
If your Birthdate is: Your Initial Security Pin Would Be:
January 1 Security PIN is 0101
March 31 Security PIN is 0331
December 21 Security PIN is 1221

If your Security PIN is reset it will revert back to the two digit Birth Month and Birth Day.


• Keep these numbers secure as the facility is not responsible for lost debit funds.
• Do not let others help you in setting up your PIN and Security PIN.
• Stand close to and in front of phone when dialing.
• Do not let others stand around you when dialing.
• Again, It is YOUR responsibility to keep your PIN and security PIN from being stolen and possible loss of funds from YOUR debit account.




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