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Phone Scams Alert


Sheriff Ryals wants you to be on alert for phone scams. Faulkner County Sheriff's Office deputies have taken several reports stating someone is calling residents claiming to be from the IRS, Social Security Office, and law enforcement. These callers are stating there has been criminal activity on your Social Security number and there is a warrant out for their arrest. If the warrant is not paid, the person will be arrested.

The callers will often use the names of employees and deputies who currently work for the Sheriff's Office to make the scam seem real.
We want to advise residents it is not a normal practice for deputies or employees of the agencies listed above to contact an individual unless you have left contact information for a call back.
The scammers will sometimes ask the residents to send gift cards, such as Walmart, pre-paid visa cards, iTunes, and/or Kroger; some have even asked for cash. Gifts cards are never an acceptable payment for warrants and fines.

If you receive a call like this, please do not give out personal information. If you do not recognize the number, DO NOT answer the phone call; if it is important they will leave a message.
An important thing to remember: if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is. If you get a call and you are not sure if it is legitimate, please contact us at 501-450-4914 or our Non-Emergency Number 501-328-5906. For IRS scam calls, you can contact the Attorney General's office at 800-482-8982.



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