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Helpful (After the Flood) Information


Faulkner County now has an operator who is available to assist you with

  • Making donations to assist in the flood recovery
  • How to volunteer for the flood clean-up effort
  • and if you need to report for assistance

Please contact Sally at 501-358-4442, and she will be able to assist with any of these matters.

What to do with:


1.Break them down and distribute the sand throughout your yard

-Sandbags which were not touched by flood water (dry sandbags) must be handled differently than sandbags touched by floodwater (wet sandbags), as the wet sandbags are considered hazardous waste.

  • Return dry sandbags to the place in which you picked them up.
  • Place wet sandbags in the right of way for the County to pick-up

-If you cannot return the dry sandbags to the pick-up spot, place then on the right of way but please SEPARATE from the wet ones.


1. If you have flood insurance, contract with a reliable company to repair your property and remove the debris

2. If you do the work yourself, place the debris on the right of way, but do so with patience and an understanding that it may be weeks before all the debris in the county are picked up.

**Right of way=meaning the edge of the road, of your property**


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