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Door to Door Salesmen Complaints


The Sheriff's Office has received numerous reports regarding door to door salesmen selling educational books in the county. The rumor is that the sales people are trafficking children. The Sheriff's Office wants to put everyone’s mind at ease. We have checked the credentials of these people and found out that they are with a company out of Nashville TN called Southwestern Advantage. We have also check with Nashville TN Police Department and everything came back legit. This business is also registered with the Better Business Bureau. The Sheriff had one of the salesmen in his office this morning and spoke to him, telling him the concerns that everyone has had about them going door to door. It is not always a 100% of what the intentions are of people, but we believe this company to be legitimate. Always use caution when dealing with people that come to your door. If you see anything suspicious in your community, please don’t hesitate to call.


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