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Mobile Command

The Mobile Command Unit (MCU), was purchased with funds received through serving civil process paper work in 2011. It was designed for multi-agency use within the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office Operational Area, which includes the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Faulkner County.

The MCU is 42 feet in length and 8.5 feet in width. It is equipped for a variety of uses, which include but are not limited to a mobile command post and a communications/dispatch center. The MCU will be deployed for use throughout Faulkner County as needed, to serve the citizens of Faulkner County, for departmental training and for demonstration purposes. The MCU can be requested to be deployed at any incident. 


The MCU is equipped with state of the art equipment, which includes, but is not limited to a satellite system which allows the unit to receive internet, television, and satellite telephone services, to supplement the cellular telephone system in the MCU. The MCU also contains a portable radio interoperability solution.  This allows radios on different frequencies to be able to communicate with one another during an incident, when other lines of communications have failed.

The dispatch/communications area is located in the front of the MCU and has a total of six work stations, each containing a radio, Sheriff's Office Records Management Software and one ACIC/NCIC Terminal capable of requesting criminal records checks and registration checks. The command area has an LCD TV with satellite to monitor news channels. The MCU is also equipped with a forty foot retractable antenna mast, attached to the rear of the MCU. 

The command center is located at the rear of the MCU. It has two LCD televisions for watching news coverage. The MCU is capable of accommodating six to eight officials for coordinating incidents in the county. It also contains a conference table with a telephone and wired/wireless network connections for accessing the internet as well as the Sheriff's Office internal network.

12KW generator located in the front of the MCU

This will be a very vital piece of equipment for communications around the county if the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office Communications Center ever went down in a Catastrophe.

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