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The Criminal Investigation Division is currently lead by Lt. Chad Wooley. He leads a staff of eleven Investigators and one Civilian Employee. 

There are three sections that make up the Criminal Investigation Division.  


Criminal Investigations Section:

The Criminal Investigation Section is staffed by Sgt. Matt Birdsong, Inv. Andy Cook, Inv. Joe Flack, Inv. Eric Woodward, Inv. John Fowlkes, Inv. Dane Alred, Inv. James Freeman, Inv. Kent Hill, Inv. Billy Don Kenney, Vanda Phillips, Sex Offender Coordinator,  Evidence Custodian as well as Administrative Assistant.

Once a uniformed deputy completes a report it is then reviewed by Sgt. Birdsong.  Once it is determined to be a felony case it will be assigned to an investigator.  The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for evaluating, processing and the disposition of evidence that is recovered from crime scenes.  They also conduct interviews of the victims, suspects and witnesses.  They are also responsible for preparing affidavits for arrest warrants and search warrants as well as many other duties.

The Investigation Section was assigned over 1,000 felony cases that resulted in numerous convictions for those crimes.


Narcotics Section:

The Narcotics Section is staffed by two FCSO Investigators,  and two full time 20th Judicial District Investigators, but all the Investigators are trained in Narcotics.

Combating the manufacture and distribution of narcotics is also a top priority of the Criminal Investigation Division.  The Sheriff’s Office relies on its own resources and the Narcotics Section to deal with the ever present problem of narcotics and other illicit drugs in Faulkner County.

In 2015 the Narcotics Section seized various types of illegal narcotics and other drugs with an estimated value of $42,070. 

There is a prescription drug drop off box located in the lobby at 801 Locust St. This drop off box can be use to drop off any unwanted PRESCIPTION drugs at anytime.


Information Technology Section: 

The Information Technology Section is staffed with one full-time position (Brent Luyet)  who is responsible for supporting and maintaining the Sheriff's Office computer network. Currently the IT Section supports approximately 200 users, 20 Servers and 250 computers and devices. The IT Section also responsible for providing services to the entire Sheriff's Office such as corporate email, internal websites, document/records management, mobile data terminals for patrol deputies and many other task and needs as they arise.  

Due to the demand for technology the Sheriff's Office network has grown from one server and approximately 20 users in 2007 to the current 20 servers, 250+ devices and 200+ users. The IT section works hard to continuously introduce new technologies to the Sheriff's Office to assist in making jobs more proficient. 

 If you have any information about a crime, you can contact the Sheriff's Office at 501-450-4914 or




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